Published On: Wed, Sep 19th, 2012

White Dove No Longer Peace Symbol Due To Racism Charges

NEW YORK, (The Global Edition) — A white dove holding an olive branch, which has been the universally recognized symbol of peace for centuries, will most likely be changed after the international organization for equality monitoring SAME International found the logo to be “racist” and “clearly neglecting parts of the world with at least amount of peace”.

“The original white pigeon was chosen without any discussion, presumably sometime in the colonial days. We feel the whiteness of the dove is now outdated and are asking for it to be replaced with a more appropriately colored pigeon, for example gray or blue,” the SAME International representative Oliver Davies said in a statement to reporters. “Imagine if the dove was black or brown – you would think something is not right there, right? This is how the African and Asian nations feel when they look at the current symbol,” he added.

United Nations spokesman Tanaji Sharma said that the dove’s whiteness has indeed become an issue even within UN circles in recent years, but that the redesign would be too costly.

“The cost of the redesign is not a big deal compared to dealing with designers, and nobody wants to do that. I think we will eventually have to get used to the current racist symbol knowing that changing it would require us to look at thousands upon thousands of shitty new suggestions from all over the world,” Mr. Sharma concluded.

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  1. Glupiameri says:

    I can’t wait comments about this article :)

  2. Your premise that a white bird is somehow a racist symbol is not only farfetched but completely and utterly absurd. This is a bird, a dove to be specific that is white in color and white is generally accepted worldwide as a sign of peace and neutrality. Surrender flags are white..not gray, not black and not red…white! This is clearly a case of someone who doesn’t understand the significance of the symbol. This is someone who has way to much time on their hands and absolutely no intelligence or common sense.

  3. John Dolt says:

    The blacks must have been really offended when the surrendering enemy would wave a white flag of peace

  4. My heart bleeds for all those yellow Asians and blackfricans that daily have to endure what is clearly and unquestionably a racist symbol. Stop and think about how many people probably kill themselves all over the non-white world, everyday because of this (a tear just rolled down my cheek). Oh the humanity! (it’s probably far more than are killed by something trivial and far less important to one’s mental health wellness – starvation) This “”white”” symbol represents the continuance of 500 years of Western oppression of the world’s savages that began with Vasco de Gama. If you can not see that, then you are a racist (and probably a witch as well).

    I’m going to start a civil society group where we can sip our lattes and tell each other how much we “care” about these poor dears. I also hope to attract a bunch of Facebook likes as well, so we can all “”care”” together. If only people “”cared”” more, we could stop people from been poor. They could, nay will, because i “”care”” – get the opportunity to buy all those objects of consumer lust that begin with the letter “”i””. (I mean without an iphone, how do people even find where they need to go?)

    While we are at it, we should also request that night times are no longer characterized as times of “blackness” – under a new non-racist regime the period of time following the sun setting will henceforth be know as ‘non-day time’. We are (my civil society group that is – I already made a Facebook page so it’s legit) paying for research to be conducted to see whether its feasible to have the colour of ‘non-day time’ changed so as not to offend anyone.

    In other news – the global economy is f#$Ked, Western countries are or the large part broke and it would seem that pax Americana is under some strain. BORING!

    ALL HAIL Foucauldian deconstructionism!
    ALL HAIL Foucauldian deconstructionism!

    The truth is there – you just need someone to de-construct it for you.

  5. Ken Coleman says:

    If we’re just going to declare doves “pigeons” and say that a pigeon appeared over the river Jordan when Jesus was baptized, what about the physics of light? Are the laws of science racist for saying that darkness is the absence of light, and are children inherently prejudiced if they’re afraid of the dark?

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