Published On: Sun, Sep 30th, 2012

Tim Cook to Apple Maps Users: With ‘Phone’ Feature You Can Call Friends And Ask About Directions

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA (The Global Edition) — Apple CEO Tim Cook sent a official letter of explanation to unsatisfied Apple Maps users today, in which he accentuated the voice call feature of iPhone 5 that “allows a person to call someone and ask about directions”. Mr. Cook claims this feature has not been advertised enough in the new iPhone campaign, and that Apple is trying to move away from old-fashioned “Maps” application to an improved version of ‘phone call’ feature.

“In the age of social and inter-netted communication it is essential for technology leaders like Apple to pave the path to new ways of communication. We believe talking to your friends about directions is one of those”, said Mr. Cook.

Apple CEO spared no words to emphasize the importance of staying in touch with people “even if a person you are calling is not a very good friend, but just in case he or she knows how to get around town.”

First customer reactions show that majority of Apple Maps users are now realizing the potential of ‘calling a friend’:

“This is some groundbreaking stuff, it seems I’ve been using my iPhone wrong this whole time. For example, if I’m looking for a spot in the city, why would I want to bother with silly Maps app when I can just call a person living there and ask how to get there. It’s another ingenious Apple invention,” says Dan Carlson (24) of Santa Monica.

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  1. Grenville says:

    Not interested in being a helpdesk for Apples map app…Turns out I’ve been using a smart phone for smart features and it was really meant to be a phone…Really Dude?

  2. Robert Miley says:

    Look at what this new iPhone 5 under Tim Cook has brought a bad decision about doing away with Google Maps. Now read the stories coming out now about how the new iOS 6 has a “Purple Haze” issue with it’s camera and how it does not let some people connect to their wifi system and now stories coming out about how iPhone 4 and 4s owners are complaining about accelerated drain from the new iOS 6 as well. This is just bad hardware and software, that is all it is and not worth the money for inferior products just to be part of the club.

    My wife and I have bought 2 each of the 3GS about 6 months after they came out and we loved them, we then bought 2 each of the 4’s about 3 months after they came out, of our 4 iPhones we bought them all in Singapore over the Singapore Apple website and whenever I went to Singapore I would pick them up at our apartment. I did ask on both purchases if I could have it fixed in Jakarta (our main home) if we had problems with them. Both times Apple’s Singapore staff told me yes they could fix them in Jakarta. It was not true.

    After only one month my wife’s iPhone 4 stopped working. I contacted Apple many many times and it took more than 6 weeks to finally have Apple to repair the phone free of charge even though it was under their so called warranty.

    When I made complaints to Apple Singapore about this and climbed up the complaint ladder in Singapore I was told by the last Apple Singapore staff that he was the last one I could complain to, no one else was higher in the Singapore office even though he was only in Customer complaint division. LOL. Again more Apple lies. I was given very bad information by the Apple employees for the repair for the phone and the arrogance I received exceeded anything I have been submitted to by any other company in this world.

    Have you ever tried to contact Apple via email? I then searched the net and emailed the only email address I could find, Then I was contacted by Apple SE Asia and they refused to responsibility for their staff and the way I had been treated and then the staff got really arrogant and did not care that I was grossly misinformed, it was arrogance extraordinaire and I could not get her iPhone 4s fixed in Jakarta but had to make a trip back to Singapore to do it.

    No longer will we financially support Apple, they only want money now for untested inferior software and blah products like the iPhone 5 that is still playing catch up to the Samsung Galaxy S3. The home button is crap already on my wife’s Apple iPhone 4 so yesterday she got her new Samsung Galaxy S3, she loves it and easily transferred all data and contacts over from her Apple 4 with the Samsung software.

    If you want to really let Apple know how you feel about these injustices done by this arrogant company then contact these people:
    Jayesh Kamath Janine Beach Frank Teo Shelley Reid

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