Published On: Mon, Jul 9th, 2012

Taliban Reddit User Hopes His “Wife Shooting” Video Will Reach Front Page

KABUL (The Global Edition) – “HackingMullah“, a Reddit user from Afghanistan, is still hoping his video of a woman being shot with an automatic weapon nine times will get upvoted to a front page on the popular Internet user-generated news page Reddit.

As of press time, the video only has 3 upvotes, with several users claiming the video is “obviously fake”.

“It is not fake, I saw her being shot with my own eyes, I swear,” HackingMullah” told TGE via e-mail. “That voice you hear cheering in the background – that’s me”,  he added.

Well-known web analyst Michael Arrington says the user would have improved his chances of being upvoted had he posted the video of the brutal, cold-blooded execution on a sub board such as “WTF” or “video”.

“I heard the member of the Taliban who shot the woman was also shot after that, but there is no video of it. If anyone has it, I would gladly upvote it, provided it has been uploaded to the correct board,” Arrington added.

The outraged international community has urged the Taliban to stop killing innocent women in public, or at least to “stop filming the events, because we have to go to a lot of trouble to determine whether the video is fake or not.”

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