Published On: Mon, Sep 2nd, 2013

Slavoj Zizek Challenges Noam Chomsky to a Boxing Match

MASSACHUSETTS/SLOVENIA (The Global Edition) — The ongoing debate between two of two of the world’s best known philosophers, the communist psychoanalyst Slavoj Zizek and the anarchist linguist Noam Chomsky will be settled in a boxing match, provided Mr. Chomsky accepts the challenge issued to him by Mr. Zizek in his latest blog post.

“The debate between myself and this grumpy old man Chomsky can last for years. As much as I would like to see the peaceful outcome of that debate, in which I would certainly come out as a winner, I think we should settle this like gentlemen, in an old-fashioned one-on-one boxing match, “mano a mano” as they used to say before it was sexist”, Zizek wrote in an open letter to Chomsky on his website yesterday.

“I will let Mr. Chomsky choose the time and place. Hopefully the fists will finally decide which one of is right – he when he says that I don’t cite things in my responses, or me when I say that he is empirically wrong about everything,” added Zizek.

The world of philosophy eagerly awaits response from Mr. Chomsky to what has already been dubbed “the philosophical boxing match of the decade”. So far the experts agree that Chomsky will have no choice but to accept the challenge and say yes to the boxing match, being that his refusal might be interpreted as admitting Zizek was right.

“If Chomsky accepts, not only will this be the most televised philosophical match in history, but we will also once and for all come to the conclusion of the this debate in which no one remembers anymore what it was all about”, says anthropologist and expert on both philosophers Judith Butler.

As for the chances given to those two experienced fighters, polls give a slight advantage to Mr. Zizek, whose age might just give him the edge over his opponent, but whose obesity and generally poor shape at the same time might prove fatal when facing the still fit and agile Chomsky.

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  • Maxime Prometheas

    Now that’s what I call philosophizing with a hammer! Nietzsche would have been proud.