Published On: Mon, Feb 25th, 2013

Seth MacFarlane Refuses to Apologize to Self After Being Offended by Self-Deprecating Joke

LOS ANGELES (The Global Edition) – Seth MacFarlane, the host of last night’s Oscars ceremony, refused to apologize to himself after he complained about one of his own self-derogating jokes. Mr. McFarlane was, in his own words, “the butt of a very unfunny and cruel joke”, and expected an apology from himself. On the other hand, the Family Guy creator claims all celebrities are “fair game” when it comes to humor, no matter how small or insignificant they might be.

“Some things, such as myself, are faux pas, and shouldn’t be ridiculed. On the other hand, I never apologize, not to anyone! I hate myself for putting me in this situation, but also I have to add I really love the relentless human being that I am.”

Mr. MacFarlane praised last night’s Oscar host for being the “funniest since Letterman”, except for “that one joke about his own persona, which was a little bit too much.”

The host of 85th annual Academy Awards show felt kind of bad for Mr. MacFarlane at one point after doing that “making out with Sally Field” joke because he knows it must have put him in a tough situation with his secret closet boyfriend, but still refused to feel sorry.

“I love Seth, he’s a very funny man and we get along nice, but he needs to learn how to feel more comfortable with himself and take a joke,” said Mr. MacFarlane. “Everyone knows that someone who sings with a gay choir and is really into show tunes isn’t really into chicks, no matter how many Game of Thrones stars he’s dating and that’s ok. There’s nothing to be offended by there. Seth needs to come clean with himself and then he will stop reacting poorly to these types of jokes,” said the director and writer of “Ted”.




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