Published On: Wed, Mar 6th, 2013

Sequester Forces President And Family To Move In With VP Biden

WASHINGTON D.C. (The Global Edition) — When President Barack Obama announced that there would be pain for the American people if the sequester were allowed to take hold, he may never have guessed it would include him.

Today, however, he was told that the money for renting the White House was part of sequester cutbacks, and that he and the family would have to move out by the end of the month.

“It’s true,” White House spokesperson Bill Dorf confirmed in a press conference yesterday. ”First, the cancellation of the White House tours– and now this. It’s been a tough month here.’

The good news was, Vice President Biden, after negotiations that apparently included some higher visibility appearance guarantees, has invited the first family to stay with him.

“It was that or John Boehner’s house and well, the Obamas felt his home was too far right of the Metro station,” Dorf added. “It wouldn’t have worked for getting back and forth to work for the President or Michelle.”

Biden was almost giddy when announcing the news.

“Oh come on–this is Barry and Marsha we’re talking about. Of course they can stay. They can have the guest room. And the kids can share a pull-out sofa in the basement. But the dog– no, no– that’s got to be kenneled. Allergies you know,” the Vice President said with a smile.

Dorf also relayed that there was no truth to the rumor that Mitt Romney was heading a venture capital group trying to buy the White House for the purpose of developing it as a bed and breakfast. “Not true to my knowledge,” Dorf replied.

There was no timetable for resolving this part of the sequester issue, but Dorf felt it would come together quickly.

“Off the record, the President said privately that he really didn’t need to see Biden in his boxers at 3 in the morning scavenging for a snack. Too much of that and he’d be ready to work a deal.”

By TGE correspondent Bradley

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