Published On: Thu, Apr 10th, 2014

Selfies Gradually Lengthening Human Arms, Study Finds

BOSTON (The Global Edition) – Scientists from Harvard University claim they have found an indisputable proof that human arms have become longer since man began taking selfies. The discovery was made by accident when the researchers were studying changes on the physical constituency of Americans aged 15 to 45.

Biologist Daniel Lieberman from The Department of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University, says that the study, conducted on the sample of over 4000 persons from all American states has led to a stunning found that human arms have grown longer by an entire half of inch in the past two years alone.

“This just goes to prove that you simply cannot stop the evolution. We expected to find changes in a modern man caused by sitting in front of computer and not getting enough exercise, such as spinal disorder, flat feet, increased gluteus, but the detail that the human arm anatomy has changed so drastically has completely taken us by surprise,” says professor Lieberman, leader of the team that conducted the study.


Study found that taking selfies causes so-called “reverse evolution”

Lieberman says that the researchers were also stunned by the fact that this phenomenon, and that the mystery was solved only after a more detailed look into the study subjects’ habits.

“After we conducted an extra poll on our subjects, we found out that more than 80 percent of them stated that they take at least one selfie a day. Those who took selfies with more friends in the background have had to stretch their arms even longer, so that their arm length was even more noticeable.” said professor Lieberman.

He thinks that the trend of arm lengthening can be stopped only if mobile phone companies start making mobile phones with wider lenses, or cameras that would be able to fit more people into the frame. Either way, new technologies will definitely bring new changes in human anatomy.

“Depending on the mobile phone model, or the position of the shutter button, we can expect the change of human thumb or index finger anatomy. In any case, the evolution is getting faster, and our conclusion based on this research is that by the end of the century, due to the selfie phenomenon, human arms will become 4, or up to 5 inches longer on average. This will cause a phenomenon of so-called reverse evolution, where our arms would return to the same body-arm ratio the Chimpanzees have”, concluded professor Lieberman.

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