Published On: Tue, May 14th, 2013

Sci-Fi Author Envisions Alternate Reality Where He Has A Girlfriend

LOS ANGELES (The Global Edition) – Jeremy Douglas (37), a relatively unknown sci-fi writer has been stretching his imagination to ridiculous lengths in recent weeks trying to envision an alternate reality where he has a living, breathing girlfriend.

The sci-fi author has been to hell and back in his mind, but he finally managed to imagine the unimaginable and came up with a believable scenario about him having a girlfriend.

“This is probably the furthest my mind has ever gone into abstract before”, said Mr. Douglas. “I haven’t slept for days and I wrote a million drafts but I think I have finally cracked it.”

Mr. Douglas said he has always been able to envision having some sort of a girlfriend, but the problem was always finding a dimension, universe or planet on which that could actually pass as real.

“A good sci-fi story is about fiction, but it also need to have an element of possibility” said Mr. Douglas. “It doesn’t need to be likely necessarily, it just has to have that feeling that makes you think: “Hmmm, this might not be entirely impossible to achieve. This could happen somewhere or sometime in the near or distant future”” he added.

The 37-year-old writer tried implementing his concept into future worlds, alien cultures and post-apocalyptic times, but it never really seemed like a natural and plausible mix.

“For a while I went with a scenario where I was the last man on a planet filled with women, but even I didn’t quite believe that they would rather choose me instead of extinction” said Mr. Douglas. “I also tried writing a story about a robot programmed to be my girlfriend and obey my every command, but that technically doesn’t make her a real girlfriend” he added.

Mr. Douglas refused to reveal details about his new story but he gave us a guarantee that his new concept is “bulletproof” and that it will make everyone believe he could have a girlfriend in an “alternate realm”.

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