Published On: Thu, Mar 23rd, 2017

Rockefeller’s Ashes Ceremoniously Scattered All Over The World Together With Chemtrails

USA, March 23rd 2017, (TGE) – Ashes of the recently deceased billionaire and one of the most powerful people on the planet Mr. David Rockefeller were scattered all over the earth today. The ashes will be mixed with chemtrails, and scattered over the entire planet, according to Mr. Rockefeller’s last wish.

The aircraft began it’s voyage not far from Mr. Rockefeller’s home in Pocantico Hills, USA, heading towards Europe and Asia, while the deceased’s remains were sprayed during the entire flight together with chemtrails, which for this occasion were colored¬†in black.

Numerous world officials paid their respects and sent their last farewell to Mr. Rockefeller, while standing directly in the path of the aircraft, trying to catch a glimpse of the great man.

Conspiracy theoretists, on the other hand, refuse to believe that the famous billionaire has died at all, and claim that the chemicals with with his ashes are not chemtrails at all.

– Do not be sheeple, these aren’t chemtrails, but just a regular aircraft exaust with which they are trying to trick us into believing that Rockefeller died. George Soros is behind all this, and certain reliable witnesses from several destinations have already contacted us to confirm they saw Rockefeller with their own eyes, it was published early this morning on the website Info Wars.

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