Published On: Sun, Jan 12th, 2014

PETA Sues Hunter Who Killed Bigfoot

SAN ANTONIO (The Global Edition) – Hunter Rick Dyer, who claims he killed Bigfoot in September 2012 near San Antonio, is now facing lawsuit filed by the animal rights organization PETA. This organization, which campaigns for humane treatment of animals all around the world, has condemned the actions of the hunter, who calls himself “the best Bigfoot tracker in the world”, stating that to them, “all animals are equal, regardless of what they look like”.

On the other hand, Rick Dyer, whose photo of a dead Bigfoot spread through social networks like wildfire, claims that this creature is “biologically much closer to a man”, and that for this reason he “couldn’t possibly be guilty of killing an animal.”

“Even though Bigfoot is a missing link between man and apes, it walks upright, it is quite tall, and it was trying to steal some stuff from my tent several times, the fact which without a doubt makes him a man, not an animal”, said Rick Dyer to The Global Edition.

After Dyer’s statement that he did not kill an animal, but a man, local Sheriff’s department issued a warrant. Local Sheriff Mike Chapman says that Dyer will now have to face the murder charges.

“We have his confession, as well as the photos of that creature for which he claims was human. It is clear that he is now facing many years in prison”, stated Sheriff Mike Chapman.

Biology experts agree that Rick would surely had a better chance of avoiding lawsuits if only he had, in theory, killed a creature like Chupacabra.

“Even though Chupacabra definitely is an animal, nobody in their right mind, not even the people from PETA, could possibly like it, because it is down right ugly and preys on cattle all across the US”, says Dr. Mich Heptzberg of San Antonio Biology University. “This way, Dyer is now facing possibly two charges, one for killing a man and another for killing an ape,” he concludes.

As of press time, unconfirmed sources claim that the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) will also file a lawsuit against the hunter.

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