Published On: Wed, Aug 21st, 2013

Oprah Bitch Slaps Lindsay Lohan After The Interview

NEW YORK, USA (The Global Edition) – Talk show host Oprah Winfrey bitch slapped the hell out of Lindsay Lohan after their interview was over and the cameras were turned off, reveal sources close to Harpo production, Oprah’s media house.

Studio technician, who wished to remain anonymous, said that Oprah was “forcing herself not to bitch slap the troubled actress several times” prior to finally succumbing to the desire “to whip a good one across Lohan’s left cheek”.

“She really gave it to her good. I can still hear the sound of Oprah’s hand colliding with Lindsay’s cheek echoing in my head,” he noted.

According to this source, Oprah was appalled that Lindsay could lead such drug and alcohol intoxicated life when there were millions of children around the world who have absolutely nothing and yet “somehow did not turn out to be such morons.”

“There was a great deal of editing after the interview, where we had to cut out all the parts where normally calm Oprah Winfrey was clearly enraged out of her mind while listening to what Lindsay was saying, prompting her to say things like – ‘You little bitch, you deserve a slap in the face’, or ‘What the hell is wrong with you, you little freak’. She managed to restrain herself until the end of the interview, but in the end she just couldn’t do it any more. She got up, approached Lohan and slapped one across her face, which caused several people in the studio to start applauding. In a strange way, it was cathartic,” says the technician who added that he too felt the need to bitch slap Lohan on several occasions during the interview.

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