Published On: Thu, Oct 4th, 2012

Obama Strategist: We Will Not Be Trapped Into This ‘Debate’ Part Of The Presidential Debate

DENVER, COLORADO (The Global Edition) — After last night’s Presidential debate was declared a landslide victory for Mitt Romney by most major media outlets and political analysts, the Obama campaign has faced significant pressure from both media and voters regarding the President’s performance, which many say was too cautious and detached.

Barney Tinkleweed, senior speech strategist for the Obama/Biden 2012 campaign, assured voters earlier today that they know exactly what they are doing.

“We will not allow the President to get trapped in this whole debate thing. I mean, it is just a Presidential debate. It’s not as if it was a formal contest involving different viewpoints and propositions advocated for by opposing speakers. That would be a completely different ballgame,” Mr. Tinkleweed said.

He continued by attacking Romney’s tactics of confrontation and comebacks.

“He employs this despicable tactic of disagreeing with our candidate in a very direct manner. Several times he addressed the President directly and with eye contact, and it was not to congratulate him on killing Osama bin Laden. And what’s with those zingers? Is that how a debate is run nowadays?”

Most in the media agree that Obama should have used some of the many gaffes and mistakes made by the Romney/Ryan campaign in recent weeks against the Republican candidate in the debate, but Mr. Tinkleweed underlined that their side would not succumb to such pressure.

“Yes, they are saying we should have attacked Romney with his own words. When he spoke about care for elderly, to throw his 47% remark back at him. When he talked about jobs, to remind him of how many people he has laid off. When he brought up social security, to bury him with his emergency rooms scheme, and so on and so forth. Listen, who does that? Yes, ok, if we were in some kind of direct contest with Mr. Romney, maybe. But we are running for the presidency here. Just let us do our job the Democrats’ way,” Mr. Tinkleweed added.

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  1. Mikki says:

    I told friends and supporters this is their (democrats) way and they know what they’re doing. This just confirms it. They refuse to get involved or excited about cheap shots or little skirmishes. They are concerned with the big plan. In the big plan, the debate is simply a very small chip. Romney is rejoicing about being more forceful and aggressive. But the lies and hid disdain for the middle class, tax cuts for the wealthy and vowing to cut funding for useful programs are the real problem. People it’s not about who outsassed who. It’s about the future of America. Some treat bad behavior as a plus, probably because of this new reality show mentality. This is not a reality show. This is America’s future.

  2. All well and good but the President better get in the game and SOON. Romney got away with murder. He has so much going against him and yet his cocky attitude and his lies went unchallenged. I hope Obama comes out with some hard facts next time or we are “toast”! Biden, hopefully will not let this happen at his debate. Joe’s a fighter!

  3. miki says:

    we dont need a good debater but a good President . I wont judge from a debate to mark my choice who is good . That very wrong if someone is going to do that . Let be fair and think carefully before go to the vote on that day . Thing is more than that . Especially we not sure figure , detail and etc . let vote correctly and think careful before you vote.

    • Dolores says:

      If you were smart enough to talk or at least get it out in words maybe one would listen to you. Of course you have it backwards. Maybe it would be wise if you would actually study the real facts about each candidate then you could make a semi-intelligent decision.

  4. Harry Zubik says:

    As the debate progressed Mitt was in command of the event.
    Tinkleweed’s comments are simply trying to hide BO’s failings. Answers are required to questions and that is what Mitt gave the American electorate. We finally have seen the real BO, unable to make decisions whether on the spot or to help the working people of this country.

  5. Wow, do you morons not realize that this is a satirical piece of writing and not an actual statement by a man comically named “Barney Tinkleweed”. To whomever wrote this piece, my congratulations to you for exposing the stupidity of the American voter, especially those who like to spread their opinions for the whole world to see.

  6. After having browsed four articles on this site, it’s clear the focus here is on clever satire springboarding from a bit of fact and quickly moving into a flight of fancy. Of course there is a slant to this Web site, but there are articles poking fun at all sorts of aspects of life in today’s world. Just read the one about the fictional, or perhaps composite, sheik with “40 wives who got their period at the same time.” Politically incorrect by pitting male and female stereotypes against each other, but hilarious.

  7. obama has to be very careful.there are some opportunities that comes onced.a debate is a opportunity to place your ideas clearly contrasting other views to highlight yours.if you refused to fight you have failed and will regrate and cause us to regrate all our lives.

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