Published On: Mon, Nov 12th, 2012

Obama planning to send GOP voters to socialist reeducation camps

WASHINGTON D.C. (The Global Edition) – The Obama administration has wasted no time starting his second term with their new agenda. Sources close to the administration say the biggest effort is going into their “Programma Stalin,” by shipping members of the Republican Party to reeducation camps scattered around the nation.

There they will be subjected to shock therapy, constant indoctrination in Sharia Law, handgun aversion therapy, American Constitution deprogramming, with classes in Ebonics, Talking to the hand, wearing their pants lower, as well as being instructed on how to avoid work and get on the dole.

A reliable source has informed us that by being fed a steady diet of herring, borscht and Michael Moore documentaries, the internees will be slowly, but eventually, indoctrinated to a new American reality.

U.N. troops are being brought in to run the camps where everyone must learn to speak only French.

“We finally get to finish our program of destroying the American way of life that we started in 2008,” a camp commandant told reporters. “It’s really the only thing we ever wanted to do.”

Funding for these camps will come from taxes garnered from old White people and small businesses.

“All we want to do is tax and spend our asses off,” a high ranking official in the administration was overheard saying. “We will be removing all mentions of god on our money and replacing it with, ‘Bomb Iran. This will start a new age in America.”

TGE Correspondent Roy Eisenstein

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  1. Are those going to be like Gulag’s in Siberia?

  2. TeamChaos says:

    it’s all a joke like NDAA, agenda 21 and a host of other laws. it will not be limited to any political affiliation. EVERY major news media reported on NDAA. educate yourselfs if nothing else it is interesting reading.

  3. Frodo44444 says:

    This is satire…entirely lost in any wing of the formerly Rite House

  4. Jb Ferrer says:

    I’m calling BS on this one. They’re welcome to try; but the tighter they squeeze, the more rebels they create. And its gonna come right back to ’em. Besides, they don’t even have the man power. If they want us in these camps so bad, why don’t they just do it already? Ooohh wait. That’s right, they’re too stupid that they don’t even have a set of balls. They can forget about using the police, military, ’cause they won’t shoot own their fellow citizens. Though, some might be that stupid, but most of ’em won’t. Not even for a lousy paycheck.

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