Published On: Tue, Dec 4th, 2012

Movie Critics Slam New Taliban Terrorist Video

LOS ANGELES (The Global Edition) – A new Taliban terrorist video has been slammed by critics from Hollywood’s leading trade publications, Los Angeles media reports.

The Taliban has released a video which the group claims shows militants preparing to attack Camp Bastion in what was to be one of the worst attacks on a NATO base this year, but an early review from Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter has branded the film “an awful mess”.

In the review, Mr. Goodman also compares the drama Camp Bastion to a spoof sketch on Saturday Night Live and calls the whole production team “a bunch of talentless nobodies”.

“This is just so unimaginative,” he wrote. “There is not one minute in this film that hasn’t been done before, it’s just a cheap attempt to get a cult following by exploiting a serious subject”. Mr. Goodman also said he has seen “better dramatic scenes in a high school play”.

Many prominent critics in Hollywood have agreed with Mr. Goodman’s assessment. An insider told Fox 411 that after the screening, he was left with a “sour taste in his mouth”, and that as far as he was concerned, “this is the worst project the Taliban’s director has done so far”.

The video shows a session in front of a whiteboard, with instructions in Urdu and a map of the base. It then pans to reveal Camp Bastion’s fence and the locations of guard towers, aircraft shelters, helicopters, strike aircraft, and other buildings.

“The acting is just awful and there is no real chemistry between the leads,” one critic said for Variety. “Filmed entirely in a single take, the video fails to demonstrate any significant character development or provide a story that can fully engage the viewer with the film. The plot is full of holes, clichés and awful dialogue, and very poorly attempts to cover for this fact with action scenes and special effects,” Variety wrote.

The video was released on Voice of Jihad, the Taliban’s website, with faces of the attackers pixellated. According to critics’ projections, it probably won’t ever reach theaters and will most likely go straight to DVD.

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