Published On: Sat, Oct 5th, 2013

MIRACLE: Broken Gadgets Mysteriously Recover At Steve Jobs’ Grave

PALO ALTO, (The Global Edition) – Broken iPad and iPhone belonging to two Americans suddenly recovered after they had visited the grave of Steve Jobs wanting to pay respects to the great inventor on 5th of October, the day of his death.

According to Joshua Meryon and Hank Carell, their previously non-functioning gadgets began working normally when they placed them on Steve Jobs’ grave, at the exact moment they touched the tombstone.

The two San Diego residents were at first terrified, only to soon discover that their devices not only worked, but had better performances than before.

“RAM memory has doubled on my iPad, while my friend’s iPhone now features three times greater processor speed. The devices began functioning when we placed them on Mr. Jobs’ grave, because we wanted to leave them there as a sign of gratitude to America’s greatest man. This is a miracle!” said Mr. Meryon.

The consequences of this unlikely event have been tremendous. California has turned into a real pilgrimage site today. Alta Mesa memorial park, which is located near Palo Alto, has been packed with Apple fans since early this morning, trying to place their broken devices at the Steve Jobs’ tombstone. Since the moment Joshua Meron wrote on this twitter profile what had happened to him and his friend, long car queues have been formed on the way to Alta Mesa by those wanting to personally witness the miracle at Jobs’ grave.

Local sources reported that all available communal services are currently working on clearing the way to Alta Mesa and help with the traffic chaos, but that the number of those rushing towards Jobs’ resting place is just to big and that the “government shutdown is making the situation even more difficult.”

“Police, fire department and the Calvary are still managing to handle the crowds, but another problem is created by the fact that a lot of police officers have used the opportunity to sneak out of their working places and visit Jobs’ grave to “cure” their gadgets. IT experts do not have the explanation for the phenomenon for the moment, but the event significantly strengthens the belief of many that Steve Jobs should be declared a saint. Some have already started referring to him as “Holy Steve Jobs” and there are even suggestions that Apple headquarters should be made into a church and the Apple itself a religion. This way the Apple fan-boys could in the future become Apple believers”, concludes our source.

According to the last received information from California, the number of devices healed at the grave of Steve Jobs has been growing every hour. The unconfirmed sources even said that there have been registered cases where people with disorders caused by usage of computers, mobile phones and other devices were also “cured” upon visiting the site.

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  1. Senka says:

    When I was visiting the grave, I’d noticed that operating system on my Samsung Galaxy changed to iOS7. As long as I was closer to the grave than 77 feet my Galaxy was operating under iOS7– further away — back to Android. I was able to stay on this invisible 77ft border line with the left hand stretched toward the grave and the right one away, and whatever was in the left hand was operation under iOS and in the right hand under Android

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