Published On: Thu, Feb 21st, 2013

Leo Messi Claims He Did Not Play Against Milan Last Night

BARCELONA (The Global Edition) – Barcelona’s forward Leonel Messi expressed shock about the accusations that he played a tremendously bad game against Milan because, according to him, he did not ever take part in that match.

“I respect journalists’ rights to a different opinion, but I don’t understand how someone can first write that nobody saw me on the field last night, and then criticize me about bad play. I claim with all responsibility that I did not even play at the game, which anyone who saw the match can confirm. I personally watched a video recording of the game this morning and I did not see myself in any of the team’s actions,” Mr. Messi claims.

The Argentinean football star says he was very confused when he read the papers the next morning, and that he immediately called his teammates Iniesta and Xavi, who confirmed that they did not remember him being on the field the prior evening.

“The two of them are even more categorical in their claims that they don’t remember getting any usable ball from me, and they do not remember any moves I may have made myself either. Furthermore, neither Xavi nor Iniesta remember playing the aforementioned game, while Fabregas is positive he missed it as well. Of all the Barcelona players, only Puyol thinks he was actually there, because that’s the only way to explain the cut on his forehead,” Mr. Messi said.

The world’s best football player showed journalists an SMS message sent by Milan’s goalkeeper Abiati in which the Italian confirms he did not spot Mr. Messi in his box on the evening in question.

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