Published On: Thu, Apr 25th, 2013

Kid With Gluten Allergy Ruins Birthday Cake and Party

DALLAS, Tx. (The Global Edition) — Antony Case’s (6) birthday party had to be cancelled until further notice after one stupid kid developed an allergic reaction to gluten in the birthday cake and fell in it face first, suburban media reports.

According to one witness, “the entire ordeal was going nicely until this little brat, named Joey or something had a fit. Literally, he had a fit – he’s in a hospital now.”

“He couldn’t just wait for the party to be over and then have a near-deadly seizure? No, that little shit had to do it in the beginning and ruin the party for everyone,” says Joan Thompson, mother of the birthday-boy. “I swear, I will never invite gluten-intolerant kids to my son’s parties again”, she adds.

As of press time, the inconsiderate child was still alive and recovering, unlike the birthday party he previously ruined.

By Mike King

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