Published On: Tue, Sep 4th, 2012

Iran And North Korea Sign Tech Agreement To Produce ‘iPhone Killer’

PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA (The Global Edition) – Iran and North Korea signed a scientific and technological cooperation agreement Saturday, in an effort to join the brightest minds from both countries and to create a smartphone that will finally topple iPhone from its throne, reports Gizmodo.

According to pictures coming from military satellites, Iranian state owned tech company AAK, best known for their efforts to compete on the nuclear market, is already said to be working with North Korea’s only company, government-run “Kim LCC” to produce the new smartphone labeled by dictatorships’ experts as “the iPhone killer” and appropriately named ‘iPhoneKilla’.

Setting up joint scientific and technological laboratories, exchange of scientific teams between the two countries, and the transfer of technology in the fields of handheld devices is already underway, local sources report.

Iranian state TV did not provide further details on the upcoming device, but said it will feature a bigger, brighter screen with both a touchpad and a physical keyboard, rounded square corners, preinstalled applications, and “other neat stuff”.

Leaked satellite image of iPhoneKilla sketch

This technical accord between Pyongyang and Tehran is likely to raise suspicions in the West, where the general public doubts anyone could make a device “as sweet” as the iPhone. Apple has frequently accused North Korea of providing Iran with advanced portable computer technology capable of targeting Western European geek markets.

Last year, Iran denied a TechCrunch report that said that North Korea and Iran appear to have been regularly exchanging sketches of the mobile device, brainstorming icon design ideas, and high resolution screen materials.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told Kim, the North Korean Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly, that North Korea and Iran have “a common enemy in Apple’s best-selling product.”

Iran and North Korea’s joint effort smartphone would use the operating system “Leader”, developed in Iran in the last decade of Ayatollah’s rule. The only North Korean company “Kim” will be in charge of making the hardware for the upcoming device, The Global Edition has discovered.

In a recent blog post about the countries’ plans, Gizmodo’s Sam Biddle wrote, “Nobody thinks Iran and North Korea can pull off a real smartphone, but we have to wait and see. If they succeed in their intentions, they will effectively kill the Samsung Galaxy too, because it’s basically the same thing as the iPhone.”

According to rumors from Iranian tech community blogs, the price of the new device will not exceed 1,200,284.0000 Iranian rial (12,975,200 North Korean won).

This is not the first time that Iran and North Korea were expected to team up. Last year, espionage analysts revealed that the two countries may be developing a tablet together, with the aim to make it affordable to third world countries.

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  1. Woody says:

    Yeah… can’t wait…..both countries are so advanced that they can’t even feed their own people, and they worry about advancing beyond the I phone? LOL! Yep, that’s truly where you need to spend your resources! Perhaps why these two countries are the laughing stock of the world, that they cant even get a rocket into space. Careful though… they simply don’t care, and will allow their rockets to rain down on you….while we laugh…. and die…. something to think about!

  2. ash says:

    pft. muslim countries. iran couldnt invent a spoon so of course the koreans wil do the work anyway. shit bwtter not come to australia.

    • eric conde says:

      Ash, I could not agree with you more. What a joke these people are. I would not take it if is was free, and certainly hope that this garbage is banned in the U.S..

    • cubic says:

      Ash, learn to spell and use grammar. Maybe learn about satire. Keep your ignorant, racist comments to yourself. Better not LEAVE Australia – you’ve embarrassed us enough just by being on the internet :-)

  3. Doreen M says:

    What would you bet, that the new technology would have a built in capacity to block citizens so called, “freedoms” at a keystroke….or launch a rocket…

  4. liam says:

    …really…it THAT the best these two kook-countries can do?!

  5. Hoyt says:

    That is all a ruse. N. Korea is sharing technology about how to build a functional nuclear device and mount it on a missile – all hidden in these phone technology exchanges.

  6. michael says:

    Of course there is something strange here, probably the koreans are transfering nuclear technology using this agreement as a escuse.

  7. zevrix says:

    people, you do realize that this is a joke – like EVERYTHING on this website?

  8. jim beam says:

    I couldnt agree more…they are not well positioned to create a credible threat to Apple…these guys need interterranical cooperation more than ever, now I am assuming everyone in this thread is voting Obama/Biden?

  9. enlightened says:

    laugh at this story, laugh at the rest of the world, as your society degrades into every man for himself. A society is gauged by how it takes care of the sick and weak, america sure does a bang up job with that eh? Children go to school hungry, people die on the streets of hunger or freeze to death, while your country fights a crusade against another belief. Look in your own back yard, look at yourself first. Good luck americans, soon to be a third world country. No water, no gas, no food, but you folks sure have a lot of pick up trucks. And red necks.

    • Jesus says:

      and your country sure has alot of goats, and towel heads, so what?? Nobody cares about your belief, get over it already the world is more than some retarded religion/s.

  10. Wheatstraw says:

    North Korea will get the info of Apple Products from China and come out with a knockoff that is an I-Phone! You can’t trust the Chinese, North Koreans, or Iranians. They would love to cause turmoil in the international market! Not to mention steal the technology from Apple, where it is manufactured, in China. It’s time Apple brought those jobs to America, and stop the theft of Corporate secrets!

  11. m naseem says:


  12. Quack says:

    Problem is when this earth is dug up in a couple of million years by archeologists, they will find such crap of written non-events, and think that is the truth. Woe to future historians, they will be teaching total lies.

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