Published On: Thu, Feb 28th, 2013

Impatient Wikipedia Editor Turns Off Hugo Chavez’s Life Support

VENEZUELA, (The Global Edition)– Hugo Chavez died today at 19:45 EST after one of Wikipedia editors, who happened to be Chavez’s doctor, turned off the machine that was keeping the Venezuelan President alive so that he could finally confirm that the date of his death is verified at Chavez’s wiki entry, Venezuelan media reports.

Chavez was previously reported dead several times during the day, only to be proclaimed alive again minutes later, making the Wikipedia page on him “completely unreliable”, in wiki editor’s words.

“It might not mean much to a non-wiki user, but it sure means a lot to us Wikipedians to have all the information on the website correct. Editing the page all the time makes all our efforts look silly and completely downgrades the idea of free knowledge,” said Ramirez Nunuel, doctor responsible for Chavez’s passing and ultimately for the accurate date and time of his death at

As of this writing, Venezuelans, who have been checking the Chavez’s wikipedia page for the accurate information on his death, began to mourn for the now reliably confirmed late President.

“He was a great man, [citation needed],” said one of the citizens interviewed on the street just moments after the wiki-editor updated the world’s biggest collection of knowledge with Chavez’s time of death and locked the page due to possible vandalism.



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  • Senka

    I spoke with Dr. Ramirez Nunuel, The last straw for him was the moment when he noticed Hugo Chavez, in his bed, with laptop, was messing up with Dr. Nunuel’s wikipedia entry regarding the very same Hugo Chavez. “First I shutdown the hospital’s Wi-Fi, but this SOB was very successful with guessing correctly passwords of other nearby private WiFi accounts. No wonder we have only two officially allowed passwords in Venezuela, added the Dr. I felt I dont have any other choice to stop such literature vandalism.