Published On: Thu, Apr 18th, 2013

Greenpeace Girl Can Totally Tell When You’re Faking A Phone Call

LOS ANGELES (The Global Edition) — Jess Kibliwicky (21) Greenpeace activist and chief flyer distributer near LA’s Hollywood Boulevard claims she knows without a single doubt whether a pedestrian’s mobile phone call is genuine or an attempt to politely evade her. According to Ms Kibliwicky, she developed the unique skill over the years she has been desperately trying to hand out environmental protection leaflets to passer-bys.

“The methods people use to completely ignore me have also developed through time, but I can still tell whether a person I’m trying to stop with my leaflet is genuinely busy or just pretending not to see me”, says Jess. “Fake phone calls are easiest to spot for me. As soon as I notice a ‘faker’ I have no trouble interrupting him or her and handing them a flyer which they promptly toss in the nearest bin. It’s good for the environment not to toss it in the street!” she adds. 

People have used varying techniques to creatively and politely ignore activists throughout their history, The Global Edition discovers. From pretending to be blind, deaf or foreign, turning around in desperate search of an activist-free path, to simply faking an urgent phone call; none have proven efficient enough and has forced every person going through the square to take at least one leaflet. 

“The environment has still not been saved, though”, concluded Ms. Kibliwicky before handing a flyer to our reporter.


Tip by TGE correspondent Mike King

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