Published On: Mon, Feb 10th, 2014

First Flappy Bird Rehab Center Opens in Japan

OSAKA, JAPAN (The Global Edition) – First rehabilitation center for treating Flappy Bird addiction opened its doors in Osaka, Japan today, with more than several dozen patients being admitted in the first working hour, sources from Japan reported. Recently published medical research has indicated that nearly ten percent of the world population has been under some sort of Flappy Bird influence, from those who only installed it and angrily deleted the game after five minutes of play, to those whose lives are now completely consumed by the addictive video game.

“I have been playing the stupid game for weeks, without getting much sleep. I am malnutritioned, my girlfriend left me, and I am pretty sure I’ve lost my job, even though I haven’t checked yet,” says one of the patients who admitted himself in Flappy Bird rehab facility. “I just want to see how does it end. It’s got to end somehow. Right?” he added.

Certain reports even indicated that some users are now in a stadium where they think of themselves as birds moving through obstacles in real life.

“My son has been playing for so long that he now believes he is a Flappy Bird himself, moves around in strange patterns, refuses to talk and screams every time someone touches him,” says one concerned mother who barely managed to get her 40-year-old son to the center.

Besides medical professionals, rehab center staff consists partially of people who struggled with Flappy Bird addiction but managed to somehow get a grip over their lives.

“The important thing to realize is that Flappy Bird is a disease, just like alcohol or drug addiction, and that it could happen to anyone. I’ve seen families with three generations flapping”, says Aiko Ishikawa (27), who has managed to overcome the dependency. “You start out naively, thinking that you will quit after you pass ten pipes. Then next moment, you find yourself in the situation where the bird is your only friend and your worst enemy, your salvation and your doom, your god and your demon. It’s a vicious circle”, he concludes.

The clinic, located in a peaceful Osaka neighborhood of Shinpoincho, is equipped with the latest technologies and modern rooms and facilities, specially designed with Flappy Bird addicts in mind.

“It is very important that the surroundings do not trigger patients’ emotions and remind them of Flappy Bird. We’ve been very careful to hide everything that would remind users of pipes and birds,” says clinic manager Hajime Nakajima.

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