Published On: Tue, Oct 2nd, 2012

Enraged British Royalists Attack Danish Embassy Over Kate Middleton Nude Pictures

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM (The Global Edition) — Nude pictures of Kate Middleton, Dutchess of Cambridge, published in Danish celebrity magazine ‘Se og Hor’ sparked assaults on Danish diplomatic missions in United Kingdom and to some extent, Australia, on Tuesday. Embassy security official reported shot were fired as protesters burned the consulate to the ground in London, and in Melbourne, protesters scaled the walls of the Danish embassy and replaced a Danish flag with a British Monarchy banner.

Media reported from London that several monarchy supporters claimed responsibility for organising the demonstrations.

Danish officials were, however, were reluctant to establish any link between the publishing of the nude photos and incidents in London and Melbourne.

“We cannot confirm any connection between these events,” a senior Danmark Department official said in response to questions linking the royalist extremists’ protests with Dutchess’ nude photos being published.

Members of a radical Royalist group had been protesting at the consulate for hours before demonstrations escalated, BBC reported.

Anders Rasmunsen, Danish paparazi who said he took the photos, said he had not anticipated such a furious reaction, BBC reported. He said the photos were taken with artistic merit, and he doesn’t understand who would be so upset with them as to organize such a violent protest.

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  1. AMIR SOMANI says:

    Request to the photograper who took Photo of Kate.

    Please tell the World why have you never published NUDE PHOTOS of your mother uptill now?
    Is not mum has same body struckcher like KATE.
    You should be brave enough to put the nude photos of your ladies family members. This also can be ARTISTIC MERITs
    SHAMELESS DOG. EVEN THE NEWS PUBLISHERS are worthless human beeings. Remember ALL THE LADIES IN WORLD are mothers and sisters of someone.
    PEOPLE like you Are shame to this WORLD.
    THE WORLD SHOULD COLLECT PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND PUT ON FIRE as they do in South AFRICA. I think africans are better human beeings then you PIGS.

  2. Amir, shame on you and your ugly sisters too. kate photos very bad thing, very grainy, can’t tell difference between titties. British Royalists now split between Sonny and Cher factions, expect more fundamental royalism as time goes by

  3. Yeah, I agree, pictures not very good. Specially, not useful after a long ride in the desert, you know, when… want to…..aaaaah yeshhhhh

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