Published On: Thu, Apr 11th, 2013

Economic Crisis Forces Greeks To Have Small, Skinny Weddings

ATHENS, GREECE (The Global Edition) – After five years of a deepening economic recession and growing unemployment rate in Greece, people of this country are being forced to stage small, skinny weddings instead of the traditional ones.

Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of NBG Georgios Zanias, has addressed the people of this country in a arranged public event in Athens, saying that the national reserve has hit such low numbers that “everyone needs to stop hosting traditional Greek wedding and try arranging small western ones.”

Former finance caretaker minister under Pikrammenos government said that he and his department know that this is considered “inhumane”, but according to their projections people of Greece can save up a lot more if they invite 200 faces to their weddings like western countries do, instead of traditional 800 plus more.

“We need to set better examples for ourselves. Every western country is financially doing a lot better than us, we need to be more like them. They are doing something right”, said Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of NBG.

“This is truly heart-breaking. Money, jobs and food are one thing, but the crisis has reached unbearable depths and it’s now hitting the core foundation of us Greeks as people”, said Kostas Fotsis, one of the elderly citizens from Athens who still remembers the “good old days”.

The Greek governing coalition which took office in June 2012 has been taking resolute actions to reinvigorate the reform program and until they succeed in completing their goal, the coalition said that people of Greece can better their life style quality by cutting down on lamb, pork, metaxa and ouzo quantities per wedding.

Georgios Zanias also said that next cut cutting big, fat weddings, to small and skinny ones, people of should also try growing small noses, instead of big traditional ones and by that, saving a fortune on cosmetic surgery.

Idea by TGE correspondent Mike King

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