Published On: Thu, Aug 6th, 2015

Dentist who Killed the Lion Claims Cecil was Member of ISIS

MINNESOTA, USA (The Global Edition) – The American dentist from Minnesota who hunted down and killed a beloved lion in Zimbabwe now claims that the lion he killed, named Cecil, was a member of ISIS, a jihadi extremist militant group and self-proclaimed caliphate and Islamic state.

“I know many people are upset because I killed the lion, but hopefully they will change their attitudes once the truth is out, and the truth is that Cecil was a member of ISIS,” said Walter Palmer, 55, in a status on his Facebook profile.

“According to the information I got from local professional guides I trust, Cecil the Lion joined the Islamic State militia in 2013, and was one of their key members in Zimbabwe,” added Mr. Palmer.

“My local guides also informed me that in the past, Cecil’s lion pride has claimed responsibility for a variety of deadly terror attacks, including a strike on an pack of gazelles last year. They also claimed responsibility for a recent attack near the park border, which killed four zebras and seven wild hogs, in addition to assaulting crocodile checkpoints in that area, initiating some of the deadliest ambushes the region has seen in years,” it has been said in Mr. Palmer’s statement.

The dentist added that he “hopes the general public, in light of these new information, will stop the lynch he has had to put up over the past week, and become grateful to him for removing such a serious threat from the region.”

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