Published On: Thu, Mar 7th, 2013

CIA Plot To Let Chavez Age And Die Naturally Comes To Fruition

CARACAS, VENEZUELA (The Global Edition) — A CIA-backed plan to assassinate Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez by letting him die on his own has finally reached completion.

Dubbed “Operation Egg Timer” by the agency, the secretive (but not classified) plot involved allowing the infamous politician to age, fall ill, or possibly die in an accident in whichever way fate might decide.

“We employed some very advanced techniques with this one,” said former CIA operative Desmond Cameron. “Dozens of agents were specifically trained to do their best not to assassinate Chavez outright. You have no idea how much restraint that requires for someone in this business. A lot.”

Cameron noted that the decision not to classify the operation beyond the reach of the general public contributed to its success.

“It was really insidious but effective,” said Cameron. “The plan was right out there in the open. It was so airtight that Chavez couldn’t possibly have countered it.”

Cameron, who helped draft the plan in 1999, is currently consulting for the agency on a new project to topple the North Korean regime by permitting it to follow an unsustainable model of “just being crazy, old North Korea for a while.”

By TGE correspondent Chris Avila

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