European Food Safety Agency Assures Consumers Horsemeat Probably Came From Dead Horses


BRUSSELS (The Global Edition) – The European Food Safety Authority issued a statement today regarding citizens’ complaints about traces of horsemeat found in various meat products. The EFSA assured citizens that they have nothing to worry about, because the meat samples showed that “all of the horses were probably dead a long time before they More...

by The Global Edition | Published 4 years ago
christmas candy
By The Global Edition On Thursday, January 31st, 2013

FDA Announces You Can Still Eat Leftover Christmas Candy If You Still Have It For Some Reason

WHITE OAK, MARYLAND, (The Global Edition) – The US Food and Drug Administration released a report this week giving Americans the go-ahead to eat any random Christmas candy they still have for whatever reason. The More...

Chinese admit using fork easier
By The Global Edition On Monday, June 4th, 2012

Chinese Admit Using Fork Is Easier

BEIJING (The Global Edition) – In a dramatic turn of events, China admitted today that despite previous claims that “sticks are the most perfect tool for putting food in one’s mouth”, that “honestly, it More...