Published On: Wed, Apr 16th, 2014

Author of Famous “Cloudless Sky” Photo Used For Commodore 64 Desktop Image Dies Poor and Forgotten

WEST CHESTER (The Global Edition) – Greg O’Neil, photographer who made famous photo used as background wallpaper for Commodore 64 computers, died at the age of 84, reported global technology websites. Greg’s wife Wilma says that he died in his home, peacefully in his sleep, but in poverty and forgotten by the world.

“Entire generations grew up watching the famous blue screen of Commodore 64 computer. Many believed that the background was just artificially generated blue color, but this is not true. The photo of the sky was made near our house in 1980. On that day, Greg was driving when he saw the wonderful blue sky without a single cloud. He decided promptly to park his car, turned his camera towards the sky and took that, now legendary blue shade”, said Greg’s wife Wilma. “Nobody could have imagined back then that it will turn out to become one of the most famous photos in the world.”, she added.

Company Commodore International bought the photo in 1982. and used it as the background wallpaper for its most famous model Commodore 64, which became one of the bestselling computer models in the world.

“Greg decided to take one Commodore 64 instead of payment, but since he didn’t know how to use it, it just stood there on our attic, until the end of the nineties when we were forced to trade it for a sack of coal, being that we were already in financial troubles by that time”, says Wilma O’Neil.

Mark Applehof, president of World Association of Commodore Fans (WACOMM) said that “today’s computer users are spoiled and put this and that as their computer backgrounds, and that for his generation it took so little to make them satisfied”.

“Nothing could calm a person like watching the blue sky of the TV set plugged into Commodore 64. The only thing that bothered me was those numbers and letter which appeared across the blue screen, and for which I don’t know until this day today what was their purpose, but not even that couldn’t ruin the relaxing effect of Commodore’s wallpaper”, concluded Mark Applehof.

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