Published On: Wed, Oct 3rd, 2012

All 40 Of Sheikh’s Wives Get Their Period At The Same Time

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, DUBAI (The Global Edition) — All of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Zayed Khalifa’s forty wives got their period at the exact same time, various Arab media are reporting. In what is being described as one of the most unfortunate events in recent UAE history, the PMS calendars of the Sheik’s wives became synchronized and created a terrible headache for everyone involved.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Zayed Khalifa, one of the richest men in the United Arab Emirates, first heard about the disaster from his eunuch, sources within the palace report.

In the meantime, the troubled man managed to answer a few quick questions from media representatives.

“Back when I only had two wives I could maybe handle a couple of mood swinging, bloated, depressed, angry and resentful chocolate-eating monsters at a time, but with just one more than that you’re as good as dead. I was convinced that this would never happen with all forty of them at the same time – I mean, what are the odds?” the grief-stricken ruler asked.

Palace representatives said that the harem would be put under quarantine for the next several days in order to avert a greater catastrophe, and that the Sheikh would do the same thing any other man would do in similar circumstances, “hide somewhere until it all passes.”

One of the Sheikh’s wives spoke to reporters about the mood inside the palace. “How is it even possible to cycle through every human emotion in one day? It’s so exhausting. And we get no support from our husband. None of us even give a damn if he comes back unless he brings us mass quantities of chocolate covered peanut butter balls,” Adara al-Sadah, wife number 28, was quoted as saying.

The Arab billionaire stated in the end that “having a harem can easily transform from being every man’s sweetest dream to every man’s worst nightmare.”

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  1. AMIR SOMANI says:

    COME ON.
    Where are humanrights people ?.
    Is this palace a pond of pigs where 40 women are kept as wives of one rich SHEIKH.
    Where woman liberation agency.?
    No one stands for these ladies.
    This so called MONEY MAKES MARE GO.

    • VALENTINE says:

      We must not ignore the culture differences here.It is culturaly and religiously acceptable in these islamic middle eastern countries to have harem of women.In the west, monogamy is the culture, hence one man , one woman.The west and its ‘democracy’ has to accept and respect these cultural and religious difference.I see nothing wrong with the sheikh keeping his harem of 40 wives. By the way, i am a torah keeping ‘christian’.

    • sean says:

      idont hear any of them complaining, why do you liberalist always go around looking for a fight
      getting involved in situations that dont involve you
      when they ask for help then go and help but in the meantime mind your own business

    • I believe you should be aware that the human rights organisations are all controlled and managed by the west. And, I do not need to tell you or the world, who are the best friends of these Sheikhs !!!!! One more thing, putting a photograph of muslim women protesting somewhere / or something ( most probably in Iran from their dress code, and attaching it to this report is a rather lowly thing for the news agency to do. But, ofcourse, that is the known policy of the western media, to distort facts and present it to their ulterior motives!!! The world is slowly waking up to these tactics and pretty soon all trust and belief in the western media will cease. There are very few names left in the western media who can still be trusted to present facts as facts !!!! And which idiot would really consider the photo to be related to the article ??? Does the number of women in the photo look like 40 to anyone !!! Or does it look like a photo of the harem which has been put under a so-called quarantine !!!! Doesn’t the reporter have anything better to do with his life ???

  2. Loratio says:

    I will gladly take that risk if you can provide me with a harem of my own Mr. Sheikh

  3. Joel says:

    This is not frowned upon, much like stoning women for adultery is not frowned upon here in the United States. The reason is because most women’s rights groups are left-wing democrats. Left wing democrats consider Muslim tradition sacred, even if it goes against their core beliefs (abusing women). Why do they think these particular traditions are sacred? Because Muslims hate Christianity, generally speaking. These women’s groups, being mostly democrats, by defintion, also hate Christianity. This is the only reason the women’s groups in the US don’t speak out. In their hatred of Christianity, they are kindred spirits.

    • panchan says:

      Though it seems bizarre at first reading – I think you are right here. In the culture wars my enemies enemy is my friend no matter how ridiculous it may seem.
      But still – I am not sure if any of this article is for real – perhaps a joke based on a small amount of truth (it is not uncommon for periods to coincide in groups of women.)

    • Frank Lee says:

      Why so negative and even sarcastic? American cultural traditions are actually very similar to those in Muslim countries. Take Afghanistan, for example: it’s common for the Taliban to kill groups of schoolchildren by employing a suicide bomber. In the U.S. where individualism and personal achievement are important, groups of schoolchildren are killed, too – but usually by their fellow students.

      In Afghanistan, wedding parties are routinely bombed by American F-18 fighter jets from 30,000 feet, whle in the U.S. buildings like the Oklahoma City Federal Building are blown up by former American military personnel, while malls and fast food restaurants are routinely shot up by lunatics.

      It might not be a fair comparison, because soldiers and pilots from Afghanistan or Iraq don’t come over to America and drop bombs on wedding parties or shoot up malls and blow up buildings, but hey, it’s food for thought.

  4. Confused... says:

    ….I’m gonna assume this is a joke. The article, not the occurrence, because that is technically possible. As for human rights groups, if these women are there because of their own free will, then ok. Everyone can love differently. I have no idea what the hell Joel is saying though…stoning people in the U.S. for adultery isn’t allowed. And your logic is terrible. Democrats don’t hate Christianity. And there are larger women’s rights issues than harems in the world unfortunately. People only have so much time to commit to causes.

    • Gringo Bob says:

      I zoomed in on the picture and there is more than 100 women and a few very small girls. They are holding up their fists in objection to something. The picture is a fake and I am very sure the story also is a fake.

    • The human rights groups r all chickens mostly..they wouldnt dare do or say anything bad about this and see ..they will do nothing as they r chicken..well not all of them ..we will find out..which ones r chicken a nd which arnt…read death of a princess a novel…

  5. A R Dauharry says:

    This is exactly such type of abuses that the masses in these countries would like to change. I believe very few people in the Sheik’s own country are for such behavior, but they would never dare to raise their voice against the leader

    As far as I know their religion tells to take only one wife if there is the least fear that they may prefer one more than another. Since this is practically impossible in reality, it means that a man must one wife. But who cares about religion when you have wealth and power?

  6. abes says:

    I think this story is a joke!!!!

    Muslims are not allowed to marry more than 4 wives… And they only can do it if they have the ability to give them all of their rights equally… Except love, as you cannot control love level.. You need to be fair with them and treat them with fair treatment; give them all of their rights…

    I believe this piece of “news” is fake and just placed as a joke…

    • Ofcourse this is a blatant fake. Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Zayed Khalifa? how on earth did the reporter come up with this fictious name.Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the ruler of the emirate of Dubai in the UAE.and also VP and Prime Minister of his country, if this is the Shaikh he is refering to.The guy should at least get the basic facts right before shooting his mouth off. Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahiyan is the ruler of the emirate of Abu Dhabi and the President of the UAE. I think he mixed up the names of these two shaikhs in his eagerness to defame these two honorable rulers.

  7. fake news says:

    And the photos are of Indonesians .. so fake

  8. Angry Bird says:

    this piece of news is fit for the rubbish dump….

    come on ..there r better news out there worthy of reading..

  9. First that name of sheikh is not true, it is a combine of 2 names of 2 different people
    i am adult of 55 years living in the gulf countries , visited all these countries several times , i have never heard stories like this before in my life

  10. rey bautista says:

    ohh , what a news or story, it tickles the romantic mind of readers into fantasies of dreams

  11. Brothers, let us all pray for outr unfortunate sheikh. Hard times are in front him..

  12. Mj says:

    It’s fictitious and ridiculous!!! Incorrect name and in Islam nobody is allowed to marry more than 4 wives and they should’ all be treated equally . Whoever wrote this should do more to verify the accuracy of its report so not to misguide other people! It’s a shame we r n d 21 st century but still there are people who are ignorant of others culture!!! There are stories worth writing such as the suffering of the Syrian people! Please do a research before you judged others based on their beliefs or race!!!

  13. Ben Aflak says:

    Some of the commentators don’r realise that is article is a PRANK, a paradoy, a joke. Not so funny but nevertheless not real. HA ha ha. Next article should be on Michelle Obama pausing for Hustler magazine and showing all, yet better Romney renounces Mormonism and joins Islam, after his wife was caught in a threesome with three Jewish Rabbis.

  14. rey bautista says:

    sixteen hours for a day divide it by 40 will be 24 minutes per wife for a day without let up. it’s very taxing to accomplice if not impossible, yet it tickles the mind without computing the consequences and situation.

  15. rpearlston says:

    It’s not fiction. Had the sheikh understood anything at all about gynecology, he would have known that this would happen.

    Ask any woman who lived in a dorm or student housing in school, or ask any woman who grew up with at least one sister. We know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this is precisely what happens. It’s because the changes in pheromones during a woman’s cycle trigger identical changes in other women who live in close proximity to her. So, women living in a dorm, or a group of sisters, will tend to have their cycles synchronize with one another over time.

    I’m one of three sisters – I have a clue here. It’s too bad that the sheikh and too many of the commenters here, don’t.

  16. gilley says:

    He should go fishing for a couple days maby catchem a lady fish.

  17. Kenart says:

    Does anyone else see this is a joke folks.
    The syntax is American not Arabic.
    Give it up hoaxer.

  18. afdonison says:

    This is an unnecessary unholyshit to find its way to the media as I know well, as an insider, it is false propaganda. He has only four wives not forty, youasshole journalists. What a naive photo to prove your peabrain.

  19. Sam says:

    Ignore this. Unlike Mormans, no Muslim is allowed to have more than 4 wives. The picture is of INdonesian women demonstration, how naieve could some of the comentators be.

  20. Adam85 says:

    It’s shocking how many people seem to be utterly unable to think about what exactly they are looking at. guess Fox news has a lot to answer for.

  21. avidreader says:

    I can’t believe something like this made the “news”!

  22. KC says:

    Well, this kind of phenomenon had been observed and reported in the past
    There is a hypothesis that says this effect can be attributed to pheromones released by women; If a woman picks up another woman’s pheromones, it will lengthen or shorten the former’s menstrual cycle, depending on which phase of the cycle is the latter on.

  23. Tim says:

    I think people commenting here may be missing out on some money…. A simple IQ test may entitle you to some form of disability support from your government. Oh and if you are American, please for the sake of your country and the rest of the world please refrain from voting in the upcoming election.

  24. ali says:

    i am from UAE ( united arab emirates ) there is no such ruler by this name and there is no muslim who can marry more than 4 wives at a time ……… so its fake and stupid news …… i wonder how stupid is this person to post such article and i feel sorry for those who believe this news ……

  25. TDT says:

    FAKE story don’t be so gulible People!!!!!!

  26. Ihab says:

    this is a hoax. the name of the sheikh does not make sense. He is this site’s creation. In islam the max number is 4 wives . Therefore, i ask the editor of this site to tell us the position of the sheikh in this article and which country does he belong to UAE, Kuwait, qatar, etc…

  27. Karl says:

    This story should start with “Once upon a time, there was a…”. I don’t believe a word of it.

  28. Ward Tipton says:

    A brief glimpse at the other “features” on this site quickly confirmed my initial belief that this was a parody. I do not know whether it is amusing or frightening that so many people have taken it seriously.

    PS If you are not convinced, read the ABOUT page as well.

  29. no matter where you are, you are still a human being. And one man does not equal 40 women. Sorry. He’s just a freak with a small dick.

  30. This is all Rubbish and a propaganda against Islam and Muslim community. All the world know that a Muslim is allowed to keep only 4 wives at a time, subject to the condition that he will treat all the four equally. Not only the person who posted this fake story but the Editor is also responsible for printing all this rubbish. Such material is creating problems and widening the differences between Muslim and Christian communities

  31. Afzal Tahir says:

    I don’t think the story is true. UAE, compare to Saudi Arabia, is more flexible, but to the best of my understanding the rich among muslims are still keeping more then one wife but that don’t exceed the limit of four. Even late Saudi Blind Imam Abdul Aziz Ben Baz was having four wives.
    Prophet, in his life time had reduced from unlimited wives to four(4). The rational to limit it at four (4) in Medina, may be because of Jewish community. Among Jewish of Median at that time the maximum limit of wives was four (4). They had abolished this tradition during 12th century, but the rich Muslims are still habit of keeping more wives which must not exceed four. The muslim scholars other then whabbi/salfi are of the view that Qur’an is stressing the element of justice and it says that it would be difficult men to do justice in case of more wives there fore it is better to have only one wife.
    I think this news item cannot be true and some one might have planted it for political reason.

  32. me myself i says:

    retards … this is a PARODY NEWS SITE.

    read it, like THE ONION, everything is a joke. How can anyone think for a second that it’s real news! I mean, the front page says
    “Rep Paul Broun Plans To Jump Off Congress Roof To Prove Theory Of Gravity Only A Theory”

  33. Hoax says:

    Hoax: There is no “ruler” in UAE named Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Zayed Khalifa, let alone any one of them with similar names that have 40 wives. Complete Bullsh#t story. Who wrote this story and who are the editors that let this fly? Utter Garbage

  34. Aziza Jabrin says:

    Calm down folks, this is a complete set up. The author apparently knew that all that was required was to print some totally bogus story about Islam and some readers would be lashing their keyboards immediately. To clear it up (a) There’s nobody named Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Zayed Khalifa, this name is a mix of various rulers in the UAE, past and present (b) in Islam a man can only have 4 wives and in the UAE most wives would never be seen in public (c) the ladies in the photo are either Indonesian or Malaysian. All wear the style of hijab common to those nations, not one of the ladies pictured is wearing the Gulf style hijab.

  35. Behead all those who insult der Fuehrer!

  36. Maha says:

    And u think this type of womwn’s secret will come out of harem to the world where every women is kept hiddenly from rest of the world…!…. Reporter must be mad.

  37. Angelito Moral says:

    As i observed the ictures i found out it was taken during protest of Anwar ibrahims of the face and worn dress are not thesame with Emiratis…so it could be fake..and for 40 wives who cares..were living in the diffrent cultures and tradition they should at least respect those cultures and it said in the Bible in evry island there is a law..means diffrent regulation and laws that respected by human being in able to Live in harmony with the society and surrounding.

  38. Michael says:

    Can You imagin 40 PMS same time ???

  39. mashaal says:

    no the Quran does not authorize harems! educate yourself CALFMEAT before yoy write something ignorant.

  40. i will have some of what you all are taking, please.
    this is obviously a bogus story, a spoof. you sad fools

  41. Khan says:

    There is no such Sheikh with this name in United Arab Emirates. Looks like its a fake news.

  42. TRUTH says:

    Now thats what I call a “REAL LIE”

  43. UAE Resident says:

    OMG Who writes this stuff?
    I live in the UAE and 1. theres no sheikh by this name 2. the women in the pic look malaysian and they are obviously in protest at some rally. Cant believe this is the stuff that gets published as news. Obviously someone is out to get the UAE or Middle East with fake articles like this

  44. hmmmmmmmmmm says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm Men take note. This is something I have known a long time ago shared by an Ageable man. He says that once you have more than one woman, then their period comes together after bedding them. Women take note as well if your husband cheats, then you can know … why your period will change to meet the other persons’ cycle if it different than yours. HA HA HA not new to me though.

  45. hmmmmmmmmmm says:

    Yes it is possible this news item is fake. But the period story is true and natural.

  46. carol says:

    0h my, don’t you know this is not a real news website?? how did you all end up reading this article anyways? if you are confused, just read the ‘about’ section. The texts are satires. Really great satires, by the way.

  47. Manal says:

    I was going to spend time writing a response to the producer of this article, but upon further inspection of the articles on this site, I decided not to get worked up over a joke. “The most global news source in the world”?? Come on, people. This is a fine example of mediocre, miserable reporting. There are no citations or sources. Are we really going to be easily duped into believing the mass pigeonholing in this writing? The author quite ridiculously and almost impressively reduces women, Islam, and the Gulf into single clusters of stereotypes.

  48. Everyone this article is complete bullshit! It is extremely irresponsible of the global edition to publish such crap! I will not be surprised if a lawsuit for defamation follows… I live in the the United Arab Emirate (Dubai) and know the ruling family very well, the Sheikh does NOT have 40 wives… unbelievable how these Zionist assholes get away with this shit… People dont believe everything you read

  49. does anyone else wonder if this story is actually true?
    chocolate covered peanut balls? in the middle east?

  50. rama06 says:

    FKG rich Perverts!!!!!

  51. bwana says:

    I think two would be adequate… More than two is probably a waste.

  52. zulu says:

    clearly a jew behind this article

  53. what is this says:

    Hey, what happened to our sense of humor? Why cant we read a joke, recognize it for what it is, and move on? Can’t people see that all the articles are drive by humor?

  54. It is true ... says:

    This is true … about the 40 wives. Some have even more and some like the patriarch, Ibn bin Saud, didn’t even know how many he had. ‘Muta’ was his prefered way of marriage. He had, however, 42 known sons.

    Biologically, this is true and stems way back from our hunter-gatherer days and the wars of the middle ages, where men would be away for months and years and the sooner the men returned, all the women would ovulate in unision.

    Girls hostels are the perfect places to witness this phenomenon.

  55. SALIM says:



  56. GGala says:

    Ohhhhhh nooooo, Most Arabs, mostly Muslim Arabs can’t take jokes like this this to well. Better hope they don’t do what they usually do when people offend them.

  57. Cocopuf says:

    Even though it is not a true story … sin continues to abound until The Day of the Lord.

  58. marko says:

    haha what a bunch of retards in comments list xD

  59. Sheikh Mohammed says:

    I am Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Zayed Khalifa,the principal mentioned in this report, I am appalled that some readers doubt the truthfulness of this story. May the Heaven wrath be upon you infidels.

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