Published On: Mon, Mar 4th, 2013

After Rodman’s Visit, North Koreans Finally Realize What All Americans Look Like

PYONGYANG (The Global Edition)– Citizens of North Korea have finally managed to get an impression what the Americans look like, after being visited by Dennis Rodman.

Earlier this week, the former Chicago Bulls player visited the secluded country as part of the North Korean state program “Meet inferior cultures”.

“Thanks to our Great National Television Program, I already had an idea what the Americans look like, so I wasn’t that surprised when I saw tall, black man with rings all over his face and drawings covering his skin. I must say our propaganda prepared us well”, said one of the citizens in a survey made after Rodman’s departure.

“I can definitely understand now why America needs to be destroyed,” said several other North Koreans in the survey.

While majority of North Koreans questioned in the survey said that they “pretty much got what they expected”, couple of them were still surprised because they were expecting to see “a white short fat guy who is probably Jewish” after numerous “Seinfeld” re-runs.




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