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Theglobaledition.com is world’s most global news source. Information found on this website is so unique that it’s impossible to find it on any other website, unless someone copy-pastes it without our knowledge, in which case this sentence is totally unnecessary.

Sometimes we do use real events and names of people and/or institutions in our stories but only for satirical or parodical purposes. If you are one of them and you don’t want your public persona to be exposed to the public sense of humor, please let us know at editor (at) theglobaledition.com and we will do our best to ignore it.

We do our best not to provide you with factual and accurate information. If that by any chance happens, please let us know so we are able to correct the mistake and fire the author who allowed himself to think he is a journalist.

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  1. Just discovered this site. You guys are way funnier than The Onion. I hope this site takes off!

  2. You mean this stuff isn’t real? No wonder the people at the NSA never return my calls.

  3. Lorne Kraft says:

    DING ! DING ! DING ! “Hello” do you people have any idea at all how devastating it will be to the world economy when so many people will stop smoking pot and drinking for a stress relief when they discover your publication ! If my boss ever finds out how much time I spent on your site instead of working he will..wait a minute I’m the boss

  4. Joe Toe says:

    lol….Crazy paper this is, there seems to be an element of truth in all the articles..

  5. Maxime Prometheas says:

    Awesome magazine, but with just one big problem: there’s not enough of it! I’ve already finished reading the archives and now am stuck miserably waiting for the next article to be posted, so I can read and re-read till I know it by heart… Alas…

  6. Aboutu Redress says:

    This highly efficient and multi-talented news group make life worth living. When I die, I would like to take them all with me!

  7. Senka says:

    Your articles help me not only to fully understand the past and present events, but to comprehend entirely the future ones.

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